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To date, Zach LaVine is one of very few celebrities to be featured in a Starbucks marketing campaign. October 2018 marked an important day for Starbucks as the company announced its first ever signing (American Sign Language) store in Washington DC. Having known LaVine for years, I knew he was a longtime supporter of the deaf community, including having taken ASL as his selected language in high school. After emailing back and forth with company representatives and agreeing to terms, Zach LaVine officially partnered with the coffee giant on the advertising for the new store. The digital campaign included a special congratulations on Starbucks’s achievement by posting a video of LaVine signing his favorite drink on Twitter. Starbucks, in turn, posted back a reply with the sign language for a seasonal drink and retweeted his content. The campaign was shared to over 14 million people, but the incredible thing to see was the impact it had on coffee-loving sports fans. Swarms of replies to LaVine's Twitter included members of the deaf community signing back their orders and stating how much it meant to see themselves represented by such a big star.

Zach LaVine x Starbucks

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