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Lauren Sesselmann x Springhill Co.

Moyal Enterprises is proud to present our latest creation, the X Icon for animation.

Ricky Williams and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Armando Gonzalez, sat down with former professional soccer player, Lauren Sesselmann to dive into who she is outside of sports and the battle she faced to find the answer. Lauren's story is a tough one; for the first time ever on video, this episode has her discussing her suicide attempt after the 2015 World Cup. UNINTERRUPTED created a safe environment, allowing Lauren to open up, leading to her episode being the most watched of the series, along with many replies of public support.

The Soul Training series invited viewers into a safe space of plain-spoken conversations about mental health strategies with professional athlete guests committed to sharing successful methods for people to repair their mental health, recover from trauma, and rekindle their love for the game.

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