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In early 2020, Ronald Acuna Jr. became the 4th ever MLB player to join Team BODYARMOR. The brand was interested in a fully integrated marketing campaign using the star. But there were two big hiccups; Ronald did not speak much English and COVID-19 shut down the baseball industry in early March. Regardless, BODYARMOR wanted to forge ahead with the campaign. Working together, we agreed on the strength of a dual language advertisement, resulting in an integrated bilingual advertisement that targeted English and Spanish speaking consumers at the same time. This ultimately resulted in Ronald being the primary athlete example used in the brand’s POS / OOH in Spanish speaking countries, including during their Puerto Rico product launch. The next challenge was moving forward on gathering campaign materials during COVID-19 when none of the athletes were allowed to do in-person production days. With improvisation, most assets were self shot by Ronald through my guidance and direction on Zoom by the BODYARMOR team. The brand then worked to pull all of the players' self shot content together to create the integrated campaign.

Ronald Acuna Jr. x BODYARMOR

Moyal Enterprises is proud to present our latest creation, the X Icon for animation.
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