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All Def x Snickers

Moyal Enterprises is proud to present our latest creation, the X Icon for animation.

The All Def group and Snickers collaborate on YouTube spots through the digital group's various shows, like Dad Jokes. In 2022, Snickers extended this relationship to bring along NFL talent, indicative of their new deal with the league. NFL dads, Marvin Jones and Cam Jordan, were selected to star in the spots.

Cam Jordan’s video surpassed the anticipated 1.6 million viewer goal in record time, being watched 1,650,970 times in less than two weeks. Marvin Jones’ rendition, published a week later, hit 323,491 views on it’s first day, additionally surpassing it’s 1.6 million viewer goal by that following Monday (less than 2 weeks).

During year two of working with the All Def group and Snickers, the pair of brands kicked it up a notch for 2023 with a variation of the show Pull Up. The two YouTube spots featured Jaylen Waddle of the Miami Dolphins and DeMarcus Lawrence of the Dallas Cowboys. The videos brought attention to Training Camp facilities around the league, showing off player talent, and bringing laughs along the way.

The video performance analytics based off the 2023 Snickers x Training Camp campaign amounted to a total of 617,500 views across both videos, 22,836 watch time hours of content, a 98.4% likes to dislikes ratio​, and a total impression count of over 9 million. 

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