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Brandon Bailey is one of only two active Major League players who is Native American. A proud member of the Chickasaw Nation, I worked with Brandon to help him receive unique opportunities because of his position representing such a small demographic in Major League Baseball. One example of this was an initiative with UNINTERRUPTED in fall 2020. The athlete-driven media company has a segment on their digital platforms called “Penning a Letter”. In it, athletes write a letter starting with “Dear ______” and ending with “Sincerely, _______”. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day. It’s often overlooked, but I saw an opportunity to highlight the needs of indigenous people during COVID-19 using Brandon and approached UI about him being their platform representation that day. Brandon is not the kind of athlete UNINTERRUPTED (who has 921k followers on Instagram alone) often comes looking for. Despite Brandon’s time playing in the MLB, he is still an up and coming player in a small market, and the talent the platform usually highlights are more notable. But I insist that everyone has value and can be branded; Bailey is a proud Native American and this moment was a time we could tell his story on a big platform, while also sharing important messaging about the issues facing indigenous people.

Brandon Bailey x UNINTERRUPTED

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