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Ronald Acuna Jr. was TMobile’s main 2021 MLB athlete, allowing the tech brand rights to his name, likeness and image for use in all media, point-of-sale materials, advertising materials, collateral materials, digigraphs, television, radio, and out-of-home advertising. The advertising inclusion was national, regional and in local markets, with rights also including all virtual reality, social and internet (digital/online) usage in world-wide capacity. Following standard points of ad distribution throughout the year, TMobile executed a full scale production day with Ronald at the end of the 2021 season for a feature they called Beyond The Bases, a video series with the biggest names in baseball sitting down for in-depth interviews. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the brand tapped into the 2x MLB All-Star to learn about his upbringing, culture, and the impact of Hispanic players on the game. What was particularly special about this campaign was the telling of a client story the way they would tell it, in Acuna Jr.’s native language of Spanish. Ronald was vibrant in this campaign, speaking from the heart and describing what certain elements of his life meant to him, as advocacy based on client identity is important. Listening to the voice your athlete wants to portray and also being able to execute that voice makes for incredible brand marriages in advertising, as authenticity in marketing makes for the most fruitful campaigns.

Ronald Acuna Jr. x TMobile

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