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During a baseball-less 2020 MLB season start, finding marketing for clients who were unable to play their sport was challenging, but not impossible. Like this project with New York based clothing company, Pink Chicken, makers of vintage-meets-boho children's clothes popular among fashionable moms and kids across the country. Recognizing the popular brand’s lack of utilizing fathers in their advertising, I approached the company to discuss an exclusive garment centered around a baseball themed print and modeled by Major League Baseball dad’s. The campaign would center around tapping into a consumer market being left out of current Pink Chicken advertising, while also exploring the playful side of what it can mean to be a #GirlDad. The brand got to work on a hot dog themed shirt to celebrate America’s pastime, announcing the release of the garment in early 2021 during MLB Spring Training. Six clients and their kids modeled the clothing, with assets being used on the brand’s website, in their newsletter, on social media and other digital spaces. The print sold out quickly and garnered successful exposure for Pink Chicken and all clients involved.

Pink Chicken

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