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Coming in MOYAL for Athletes, Teams, Agencies & Brands

2021 to Current


2019 to 2021


Founder & CEO

Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations & Digital Marketing

Manager of Marketing, Digital, Public Relations & Player Services


2016 to 2019

2014 to 2016


Player Development, Player Education (Kings Academy), and Basketball Operations, Two Seasons

2009 to 2014


Team Operations, Administration and Player Development Coordinator for the Basketball Department, Five Seasons

2005 to 2009


Compliance and Recruiting for all Sports, Blue and Gold (specializing in Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer)

Arielle Moyal is a seasoned marketing and operations professional that consistently maximizes revenue generation and strategy opportunities for corporate partners, major league athletes and top-tier brands. Her expertise lies in aligning individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential while driving success through marketing, digital, PR, communications, client management, business development, and philanthropy initiatives. With an entrepreneurial mindset, she approaches challenges with innovative solutions and creates opportunities for growth and expansion in any corporate sector.

Currently, Arielle runs Moyal Enterprises, a consulting firm responsible for spearheading marketing, partnerships, endorsement deals, business development, brand building, digital marketing, public relations, client management, strategy building, and philanthropy initiatives for clients and corporate brands, driving revenue growth and strategy. Before, Arielle served as the Vice President of Basketball & Baseball Marketing, Public Relations & Digital Strategy, for REP1 Sports, a full-service athlete representation firm. Her duties also included assisting the CEO with REP1 corporate initiatives, hiring across divisions, providing invaluable support in decision-making, innovation, and company growth strategies, and being the guider of the agency to over 300+ men's professional athletes across baseball, basketball and collegiate NIL.


Prior to REP1, Arielle gained extensive experience as the marketing lead at BDA Sports Management (now WME Basketball) and a key member of the Player Personnel / Team Operations department for the Sacramento Kings. Earlier, Arielle spent nine years working for UCLA Athletics as for a variety of sports teams, the last five as part of the core staff for the historic UCLA Men’s Basketball program doing team operations, administration, alumni relations, and player development.

Arielle is committed to guiding corporate initiatives, athletes' careers, and providing strategic advice to agencies, teams, non-profits, and brands. Having built a strong reputation as someone whose integrity and dedication is unrivaled, she firmly establishes the trust of those around her. With a distinguished track record of success, her diverse background and communications skills are a huge asset to every client she has.  

Meet Arielle

Tactical, Organized, and

Often Times the Only Women in the Room. 

Arielle Moyal - founder of Moyal Enterprises
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Fast Facts

Get to know Arielle on a more personal level

Born & Raised

Arielle was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA with a multicultural background; her father immigrated from Morocco and her mother was born in Turkey as a naturalized American citizen to the daughter of a US Serviceman (originally from Sevastopol, Russia).

Lifelong Athlete

From an early age, Arielle played soccer, softball, and volleyball, having DII scholarship interest in soccer, which she declined to attend UCLA. She currently plays softball and beach volleyball.

Chess Champion

When Arielle wasn't on the field, she grew up traveling the state of California playing competitive chess, garnering many trophies and ribbons.  Arielle was one of the only girls to play competitively in the state at the time.

Food is Life

Having had both parents as professional chefs, Arielle has a deep love of food and cooking. She cooks almost everything she eats from scratch, and is known by family and friends to make a killer chocolate chip cookie. They are even favorites among clients.

Love of Travel

While Los Angeles is home, Arielle loves travel and exploration. Whether it's practicing new languages, tasting new cuisine, or immersing herself in culture, she dives right in. You can find Arielle close to a beach, like Punta Mita, Mexico or Pismo Beach, CA.


Mentorship is one of Arielle's most important life pillars; to date, she has mentored hundreds of students, especially those attempting to enter the field of sports and entertainment. Many continue to stay in touch as they themselves grow in their careers. 

LA All Day

Don't mess with Arielle's sports teams; regardless of where Arielle ends up, she will root for her city of Los Angeles; Lakers, Sparks, Dodgers, ACFC, LAFC, Rams, Kings, etc. Even marriage hasn't swayed her; the only SoCal sports fan in a NorCal family, Arielle holds her own!

Home Base

Arielle resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Matthew, and their pets.

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